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Learn about Freedom from the Streets: Our Mission is to open opportunities for people who are Homeless along with families that are without resources, helping each other find resources and solutions.
 We are people  who have experienced homelessness or are  at risk of homelessness. We listen and help each other find resources and solutions.
We've been out on the streets  since May 2019.
We have  two groups that meet weekly, on Monday we meet at the Minneapolis House of Charity 
771 Park Avenue South the meeting  starts at 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. 
We also meet on Friday at the Listening House
 463 Maria in St Paul the meeting starts at  11:30-1:00 p.m.
 We would like to  thank Micah  (Metropolitan Interfaith Council on Affordable Housing)
And We would also like to thank the Pohlad Foundation for supporting Freedom from the Streets both groups have donated monies to help us assist and to be of service to you shall you find yourself or someone you know homeless. 
We are committed,  active and we  speak at:  Homeless day on the Hill. 
We are also committed, active and we speak on  mental health issues we support families and are concerned with child protection  issues. 
We are involved with the  Envision Community  program which is a place where all people have what they need to live their healhiest lives. 
Please note: On Holidays we do serve hot meals at Elim Church, located at 685 13th Ave. NE Minneapolis MN 55413
We will always update this site to keep you informed 

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Freedom from the Streets
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Alexis k

Child Protection Advocate

Alexis, our Director of Child Protection from  Freedom from the Streets,  is heading up our efforts with Child Protective Services. Her years spent in foster care quantify her knowledge and ability to traverse the very confusing issues of Child Protection and Homelessness.

President and director of BOARD

Board member

Once Junail took over as President, our investment strategy really began to take shape. Her well-rounded background in finance and accounting is a significant driver of success.

John Bradley

Vice president

 John joined the team in 2019 and has spent his entire working career in customer relations and continues to excel in his field.

Rome Darren

Facilitator for Monday group

Rome's dedication to his position is second to none. He is well respected by his team as well as the entire industry. He has been meeting deadlines and getting things done right with us since 2019

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